a very touchy love present for my birthday

(ps: i love the love you give me. sometimes we don’t quite understand each other and our love may not be perfect or shows through the way we want it to but that’s just a part of being human. at the end of the day i’d still choose it over any perfection the world is able to offer. everyday is a day to celebrate you, but today is especially important to remind you; i appreciate you very much. happy birthday mum 🙂 )

song: she – elvis costello cover by my beautiful daughter, ulan.

may be the face I can’t forget
the trace of pleasure or regret
may be my treasure or the price
I have to pay
may be the song that summer sings
may be the chill that autumn brings
may be a hundred different things
within the measure of a day
may be the reason I survive
the why and wherefore I’m alive
the one I’ll care for through the rough and (s)ready years
i’ll take her laughter and her tears
and make them all my souvenirs
for where she goes I’ve got to be
the meaning of my life is

‘thank you, ulan sayangnya ibu.. such an angelic voice, please sing often..’

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