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all we need is us

And yes, we are not meant to be apart.. many silly things happen when we’re apart.
God has this funny little way of letting us finally know the fact.

It’s simply awesome, not like the movie..
Crazy In Love -- Sofia Karlberg  [Beyonce Cover]

Oca amarlis

‘If we are serious about combating selfishness and promoting compassion in the world, then is it not vital that we develop the tools of intellectual self-defense to deal with these assaults on our minds and hearts? The solution must lie in reversing the priorities, in subordinating dead things—money, capital, profits— to life: people, animals, the planet.’
[David Edwards – Life or Death]

Change, takes time.

‘Give me one word.. I need one word.. to type.. on my blog’
I asked someone.

He replied.

Takes time to think,
to act,
to make
a change.

Are we ready to change?
Says the sun to the moon.

We must change.
Says the sky to the water.

Will us still in love?
If we change.

Takes time
to prove
the change.

The unknown.
Says caterpillar to butterfly.

[3minutes inspiration #lv]