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repost my hyperealistic: see. feel. real.

Sometimes a simple word can mean a lot to someone.

The word like “hi..” can rise up your smile. Or the words “morning, my reality..” can make you blushed into pink. Or “you are beautiful” can change your whole attitude. Or “I hate you” can break your heart.

Word can inspire, encourage, and convey love. They can poke and prod and compel to action.

Someone said: i see you.
And i said: i see you too.

Familiar with that? yes, simple words taken from Avatar movie.

It was about connection. Cosmic connection?

See. Feel. Yes, sometimes connection can happens without a word.
You can see it. You can feel it. You just knew it. Universe send you messages with intangible words. Like in a middle of nowhere you see things and you dream about it and suddenly it’s there. Is it a law of attraction, or what?

I have this cosmic connection. It’s amazing. Yet it’s a strange thing. Perfectly strange condition. Beautifully strange connection. Perfectly perfect.

somewhere someone’s waiting

selfie #lv

my thought flies
between words and spell
scanning you from the second world
i can’t move from terrace
wait by the window
where i put your haze in a frame
i am screaming in silence
in the point of tongue, i wait for you
with lilies in my hands

#lv #gpgt

until then, i can only take pictures of silence that i would hold to forever..

my lion

Candle #lv

bcc #lv



#lv #gpgt