Monthly Archives: July 2014

table no 8

am sitting here
staring blankly into the air
inside this lighting box
i wish for the view to change
but it’s still the same old view
until you come
and when i see you
my voice fails

#lv #gpgt

ms. vivian maier

‘my life is none of your business.. ‘


there is a time
that i want to smile
but i can’t
there is a time
that i want to cry and i cry
like possessed
while life goes on
i can not stand
and i feel
like a dead man
that is
the time
i missed your smile

#lv #gpgt

positive attitude in action

Healthy self-esteem and positive self-talk are the spiritual needs of happiness and life success.
It brings us joy. The necessary nutrient for joy is attitude.
Positive attitudes to me are like nourishment to the body, mind and soul. The right attitude can carry us through the worst days in daily life.
On the other hand, negative attitudes are absofuckinlutely poisonous to the body.
Any chance for happiness can be suffocated by negativism. Negative thinking patterns can actually lead to physical illness and emotional destitution.

Does that sound exaggerated? I don’t think so, because if you guys check on the internet or any literature, you will find that science now has the link. The keyword is endorphins.

As you know, you are in charge of your life. You are in control of your attitude.
It’s not your parents, your husband/wife, your boss, the breaks that create your attitude.
It’s you.
How you think and how you react is totally up to you.
Looking for bad things to happen can actually make them happen. People with negative attitudes generally expect such situations as losing friends, losing a job, bankruptcy, unpleasant working conditions and failure. Pessimists expect to feel bad and get sick, so they do.

So wake up happy, say alhamdulillah or thank god for how grateful you are.

Optimism is a learned attitude. Stay thinking positively early in the day.
And if the alarm sets my nerves jangling, i wake up to music. Sometimes i avoid listening to morning news, it’s invariably depressing.
Listen instead to an all-music radio station or my favorite playlist on the ipod on my way to work.

Try to make today the best day possible. That’s the joy of life.