Monthly Archives: July 2013


Paperman. His destiny is written in paper. That small coincidence isn’t just random, or luck.
Everything happens for a reason.

black graphs

i started a poem
but decide not to go on
i thought i had the theme
but what a fool i was
so i slept and drank a bit
just a bit i tried to think
then i took again the blue pen
and draw a little sign
a line that became an infinity sign
‘you look like a letter..
but you’re not..
what can you be
little graph?’
i turned the page around
yea.. my thoughts also could spin
and looked again at it
and saw the sign
not in blue but black
it moved before my pen
and yes i swear it sang
‘you see, i started a poem tonight..
but thinking of you so hard,
little graphs just wanted to come out
and celebrate your grave
by offering me a dance
and bringing you my heart’
then all my words are gone
they dance
with you


about you
no where
but in my mind