Monthly Archives: April 2013

David A. Smith.

Behind the scenes creation of John Mayer’s ‘Born & Raised’ and ‘Queen of California’ artwork, hand-crafted by David A. Smith. How i love this so much!

Damned me, again.

For every single kiss i damned my soul.
For a strange sweet love i damned my life.
I burned the pure and erased the sanctified.

Regrets. Never.
My blood not responding to my thoughts.
I throw your vain feelings, your sad expectation.
Yes, i spit on it. I spit on it.

My act, not good, nor bad.
You put me in a room.
Circle me with saints and sinners.
The saints will blame me.
The sinners will kill me.

Don’t you know my dear? None of those dogmas or ethics are suitable.
No. Not for me.
I am the sinner of sinners.
I am the saint of saints.
I am you.
So damned me. Again.