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gorgeous story. lush artwork. forbidden sensation.

Reading ‘The Griffin & Sabine Trilogy’ really provides me a different kind of reading experience, i surely can lose myself in its pages over and over again, very complex and feels like jump into a mysterious world. It’s kind of epistolary novel. The story is told in strangely beautiful postcards and richly decorated letters that must actually be removed from their envelopes to be read. Magical artwork.

And how poetic the letters are. Intriguing correspondence. All the words is deliciously creepy, romantic, honest, simple statements, complex feelings, sometimes dreamy, sometimes desperate, sometimes full of hope. Beautiful pain i had when reading some of the postcards and some letters from Sabine. Why are so many coincidences happening in my life, dear God? Jan 29?

If you are reading this, then you exist…

Strange. I liked.


there are some more illustrations that ulan tsabita made for sapotofu vocaworks, those two above are just a sample.
i love the first video because ulan said that she was inspired to draw the main object by me with our new cat, bree charlotte, ha3 how cute!