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gorgeous story. lush artwork. forbidden sensation.

Reading ‘The Griffin & Sabine Trilogy’ really provides me a different kind of reading experience, i surely can lose myself in its pages over and over again, very complex and feels like jump into a mysterious world. It’s kind of epistolary novel. The story is told in strangely beautiful postcards and richly decorated letters that must actually be removed from their envelopes to be read. Magical artwork.

And how poetic the letters are. Intriguing correspondence. All the words is deliciously creepy, romantic, honest, simple statements, complex feelings, sometimes dreamy, sometimes desperate, sometimes full of hope. Beautiful pain i had when reading some of the postcards and some letters from Sabine. Why are so many coincidences happening in my life, dear God? Jan 29?

If you are reading this, then you exist…

Strange. I liked.

Yasmin’s Pesan

Thanks to Iyo, gara-gara gw lihat dia beli buku ini waktu di pembukaan Kineforum di Monas gw langsung lari ke booth penjualan dan grab that book. Tinggal satu. Lucky me. Buku yang udah lama banget gw cari tapi gak tau belinya di mana hahahaa..

Tentang seorang Yasmin Ahmad.
Gw gak akan nulis di sini dia itu siapa, silahkan google saja.
Buku ini isinya koleksi dari pesan-pesan dia, yang dicollect dari banyak sources. Dari blognya dan dari ingatan orang-orang yang ada di sekelilingnya.
Yasmin has passed away, yes, tapi bukan berarti dia pergi tanpa meninggalkan pesan. She left plenty.
Beberapa tentang kehidupan dunia periklanan, tentang good work-nya, tentang team-nya, tentang klien, tentang cara dia bekerja, tentang time sheets.
Beberapa tentang kehidupan keluarganya, tentang orangtua, tentang saudara perempuannya, tentang keponakannya, tentang family value.
Beberapa tentang pemikiran liarnya, tentang hujan, tentang puisi, tentang film, tentang intuisi, tentang suicide, tentang kebahagiaan, tentang cinta.
Beberapa tentang Tuhan.

Ada yang pingin gw share di sini.

Yasmin on her secret of success:
Work hard, pray hard and be kind to your parents and do a lot of sedekah but don’t tell anyone.

Yasmin on climbing up in life:
Don’t always want to go up. Go down, like water, because eventually it’ll go up again. Just like rain, it falls from the sky, flows as a river, then merges with the sea, then goes up again as a cloud.

Yasmin on what to do before going to bed:
Seek forgiveness from God and forgive everyone who has hurt you.

Yasmin gave advice when backstabbed:
Why waste your energy on vengeance when you get so much more back with love?

Yasmin on perfection:
It is perfect to be imperfect, because perfection is made up of many imperfections put together that makes it perfect.

Yasmin on reincarnation:
Reincarnation is not that difficult to understand. After all, I was a sperm in my past life. Now I am a human.

Yasmin on writing TV commercial scripts:
Trust your feelings. Be a sharp observer of your feelings and your surroundings. Then you’ll be ok.

Yasmin on scriptwriting:
The best way to write a script is from your own life experiences.

Yasmin on relating to people:
Do not look down on those below you. And don’t fear those above you.

Yasmin on talent:
You are a star. And I’m a superstar for recognizing your star quality.

Yasmin on integrity:
I fired the client because they made a racist remark.

Yasmin on break-ups:
If he loves you, apa pun he will hang around. That monyet celaka doesn’t deserve someone so beautiful.

Yasmin on love:
Love is like oxygen, without it you can’t breathe.

Itu beberapa pesan pendeknya, masih banyak cerita panjang tentang dia yang sangat inspiratif, cerita-cerita kekonyolan dan kegilaan dia, keberanian dan kejujuran dia yang ditangkap dan diceritakan kembali oleh para sahabat dan orang-orang tercintanya. Ada speech yang dia berikan saat ada pertemuan dengan Sri Lankan business community yang keren parah, dia buka dengan sebuah pertanyaan: ‘who the hell do we think we are’. Dan the most beautiful things di buku ini adalah beberapa puisinya yang aaaaarrgh gw suka banget.

So, kalau saja Yasmin masih hidup, terus gw ketemu dia dan misalnya dia tanya: ‘how you know, Oca?’ Pastinya gw akan jawab: ‘i love you, Yasmin’.


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