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my other 1st time

I enjoy shooting much more than image processing. When I’m completed a shoot, I do a quick, rough edit to see what I’m captured, and categorizes and tags all images using photo mechanic on my 13-inch screen macbook.
Then perform minimal image adjustments to tweak brightness, contrast, or white balance to try to get the image to look the way I saw it using adobe photoshop. I really don’t doing much photoshop stuff because I’m not really good at it and that stresses me out.

Almost four years I’ve been trying to shoot with analogue camera again. Using lomo DianaF, canonet or Hassy and lately M6, all the negatives been in the fridge for long time. Nope, I’m not trying to keep them all until I die and expecting later someone will find boxes of negatives like Vivian Maier case hahahaa..
Yea, I just tried to keep shooting, haven’t seen the result. Actually the real reason is that I’m too lazy to find out or ask someone about the place that can do a film processing.

Until last week, a friend taught me how to wash the film. Processing 35mm film in a darkroom for the first time is a timeless experience that everyone should experience at least once in their life! because the feeling that you get when you first see an image appear on a once blank sheet of film is almost magical. Like seeing a newborn baby into the world.

Thank you, Tompi, for teaching me not more than 30 mins film developing and scanning.

I’ll share you guys the results, will tag them using #FilmOca

Oca Amarlis

Oca Amarlis

Oca Amarlis

oca amarlis

Oca Amarlis

*the pics above was photographed by Pak Abiprayadi

big o


my top five movies about photography:

pecker -- 1998

closer -- 2004

everlasting moments -2008

fur: an imaginary portrait of diane arbus -- 2006

the secret life of walter mitty -- 2013

happy watching and enjoy!


until then, i can only take pictures of silence that i would hold to forever..

my lion

Candle #lv

bcc #lv



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dirgahayu Indonesia

[a photo project of nicoline patricia malina]

i’m always loving the song, tanah airku.. always.

table no 8

am sitting here
staring blankly into the air
inside this lighting box
i wish for the view to change
but it’s still the same old view
until you come
and when i see you
my voice fails

#lv #gpgt

ms. vivian maier

‘my life is none of your business.. ‘

what love is

‘So when you ask what love is, you may be too frightened to see the answer. It may mean complete upheaval; it may break up the family; you may discover that you do not love your wife or husband or children – do you? – you may have to shatter the house you have built, you may never go back to the temple.
But if you still want to find out, you will see that fear is not love, dependence is not love, jealousy is not love, possessiveness and domination are not love, responsibility and duty are not love, self-pity is not love, the agony of not being loved is not love, love is not the opposite of hate any more than humility is the opposite of vanity.
So if you can eliminate all these, not by forcing them but by washing them away as the rain washes the dust of many days from a leaf, then perhaps you will come upon this strange flower which man always hungers after.’

Jiddu Krishnamurti

[not] so colorful night

oca amarlis

how much more can i fall
when the night is so dark and wet
the lights blur my eyes
in a black pearl
rainy lights i got
i stare as a fool
they blend to the scene
through the busy clouds
as i watch as i stare
everything turns to black
and wet
silent street
crying sky
i cry too, and whisper:
‘god, dry my eyes..’