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Change, takes time.

‘Give me one word.. I need one word.. to type.. on my blog’
I asked someone.

He replied.

Takes time to think,
to act,
to make
a change.

Are we ready to change?
Says the sun to the moon.

We must change.
Says the sky to the water.

Will us still in love?
If we change.

Takes time
to prove
the change.

The unknown.
Says caterpillar to butterfly.

[3minutes inspiration #lv]

ketika venus lahir

ada yang bilang
hidup adalah komedi hitam
sebuah kesejajaran abnormal
atau unsur yang mengerikan
yang dibuat menjadi karya oleh para komikus
makin pekat dan larat maka makin nikmat

dalam riuhnya hujan,
apa pun tampak samar dan kabur
begitu juga kelamnya dunia
yang lucu pun tampak hitam
subuh itu venus lahir
menggantikan bulan
mencoba berkawan dengan matahari
hidup tak lagi komedi hitam

‘when love arrives’

.. thank you for stopping by.
[Sarah Key & Phil Kaye]

all about the moon


An angel has come to me with no reason
And hold me in her broken wing
That my pain won’t let her wings unfold
As the moonlight begin to be closed by dark cloud
I feel in peace
I ask her why, why me
My angel just smile and says,
‘I don’t know, but God do know
why He sent me to you’
So i fall asleep in peace
For a long time
In the broken wings of my angel


When the sun comes through the dawn
If the full moon does not groom the loveliness night anymore

I want..
You to greet my night
Paint this pretty restless

Be here with your blazing
Tune a beautiful night song

Until the dawn comes
Moving over you


Can you see the moon tonight?
The moon is so sharp
Too sharp so it slices my heart
and can you see the stars above?
Those are the pieces
of my heart

to whom it may concern.. please don’t..

by Laila Achmad

See the purples? Daddy made these by grabbing my arms while ripping off my clothes.
But don’t worry, it will fade out.

See the blues? Mommy made these by heating me up when I wouldn’t say I’m lying.
But don’t worry, it will fade out.

See the reds? Teacher made these with her iron ruler when I begged for help.
But don’t worry, it will fade out.

See the whites? The doctors made me see these for months.
But don’t worry, it will fade out.

See the black? I made this myself.
But this time it will not fade away.


just don’t let them learn that way,

at somewhere, while waiting

F, 07112014

what you called life.

Have you ever think how complex our life is?
Many trouble
At the same time mixed with
and many more.

I used to hate complexity.
But now,
complexity is my comfort zone.
I won’t say our life is like a wheel.
Where sometimes we are up
sometimes we are down.
Because it will keep rolling,
rolling, rolling and rolling.
Indeed it never ends.

The storm strikes.
The ground breaks.
The rock falls.
Anything beyond our expectations.
i would say our life is
just like an adventurer.
As expected,
sometimes we are up
sometimes we are down.
But the target is to stay on top.
Because it has purpose.

And destination.

it is

it is
when i fell
that i realized
that i knew
i could fly

it is
when i felt
no more hope
that i saw
i could love

falling there
falling sweet
in your heart
i lay
i stay
in you

#lv #gpgt

somewhere someone’s waiting

selfie #lv

my thought flies
between words and spell
scanning you from the second world
i can’t move from terrace
wait by the window
where i put your haze in a frame
i am screaming in silence
in the point of tongue, i wait for you
with lilies in my hands

#lv #gpgt

cake first

bday cake

a small halo
of warmth shines
my life was touched
by one light
birthday candle

[somewhere, 29th august 2014]

table no 8

am sitting here
staring blankly into the air
inside this lighting box
i wish for the view to change
but it’s still the same old view
until you come
and when i see you
my voice fails

#lv #gpgt